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When asked about his preparation for a boxing contest with Jake Paul, Anderson Silva made a stunning revelation about his training regimen.

During an interview with MMA Weekly, the former UFC middleweight champion stated that during a sparring session for the bout, which will take place on Saturday at Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona, he had been knocked out twice by training partners. The fight will take place on Saturday.

Anderson Silva stated, “I’m training hard for a win — I’m training with the top boxers, high-level, and five guys come to help me.” “I’m training with the good boxers, high-level, and five guys come to help me,” “And the last sparring with [my sparring partner], he knocked me out twice, and when I finish my training, I talked to my coach and even said, ‘Coach, let me tell you something, why the guys knock me out twice?’ “And the last sparring with [my sparring partner], he knocked me out twice” “And the last sparring with [my sparring partner], he knocked me out twice” “And the “You need to prepare for war, and you prepare for war,” the coach told them.

Luiz Carlos Dorea, who has been Anderson Silva’s coach for a very long time, told MMA Fighting that the former champion’s most recent sparring session took place this past Friday, but he categorically refuted Silva’s claim that he had been knocked out in the match.

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Anderson Silva

He stated, “All I can say is it didn’t take place,” and I believe him. “Thank God, we make sure to follow all of the protocols in training, and Anderson performed an outstanding job throughout his sparring sessions.” He is unquestionably up for the challenge.”

The management of Anderson Silva did not immediately respond to a request for comment that was sent their way. In a brief response that was forwarded to MMA Fighting, the Arizona Department of Gaming, which is responsible for overseeing the state’s boxing commission, said, “We are looking into the situation and have no more comment at this time.”

Fighters over the age of 36 in Arizona are required to obtain approval from the commission in order to be licensed. In addition to submitting a clearance letter and an electrocardiogram (ECG), fighters must also have a stress test administered by a physician. In general, fighters are obliged to participate in concussion baseline testing as part of their participation requirements.

On the paperwork for the physical exam that each fighter is expected to complete, the fighters are questioned about the date of their most recent knockout, the length of time that they were unconscious for, and whether or not they had been knocked out in any other sport “or in any other fashion.”

Since making the switch to boxing, Anderson Silva has had success, as evidenced by the fact that he has won all three of his bouts since getting back into the ring. In his most recent fight, he finished UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz in the first round with a knockout at 1 minute and 21 seconds.

In mixed martial arts, Anderson Silva’s most recent UFC debut ended in a technical knockout loss to Uriah Hall, who will be competing alongside Silva on the undercard of Saturday’s event against Le’Veon Bell in a boxing battle.

The revelation made by Anderson Silva is not the first time he has discussed knockouts in the lead up to a fight. Before his fight against Nick Diaz at UFC 183, Anderson Silva claimed that he had been knocked unconscious by a training buddy, who was later revealed to be Anderson Silva’s fellow UFC competitor Khalil Rountree.

After some time had passed, Rountree commented on the incident, saying, “we practice hard to guarantee we’re going to win, and things happen during training.” (Later) No huge deal. I am aware that many individuals get knocked out during training and simply don’t say anything about it, but he is a trustworthy individual. Because it only occurred during practice and not in the actual match, it is irrelevant.” Ed Soares, who was Anderson Silva’s manager at the time, stated that the words made by Rountree had been “misinterpreted.” Anderson Silva had been pushed down, but he was not out.

Update: MMA

According to Weekly, the film’s producer, the footage for the video was captured on September 13 during the press conference that was held in conjunction with the event. After that, Anderson Silva issued a statement through the broadcasting company Showtime in which he claimed he “misspoke” and that he was never knocked out while sparring.

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