OKBET XPRESS | Conor Benn ‘Voluntarily Relinquishes’ Boxing License After Hearing

According to the British Boxing Board of Control, boxer Conor Benn has “voluntarily renounced” his license to compete in the sport.

Because Conor Benn had a positive test result for the prohibited drug clomifene, his fight scheduled for October 8 with fellow Briton Chris Eubank Jr. had to be canceled.

Conor Benn was required to appear in court on the 21st of October for a hearing, during which he “renounced” his boxing license and “allegations of wrongdoing” were found to be true.

Conor Benn’s test is being investigated by UK Anti-Doping, abbreviated as UKad.

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Conor Benn

A statement that was posted in the third person and written without attribution on Conor Benn’s Instagram stories indicated that the boxer’s license had been let to expire and that he had chosen not to renew it.

In addition, it stated that Conor Benn “refutes” the misconduct claim, deems the probe to be “unfair,” and demanded an independent tribunal be established.

According to the statement, “In the meanwhile, he reaffirms in no uncertain terms that he is a clean athlete.”

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (Vada), a third party contracted by Eubank Jr. and Conor Benn to offer additional testing for their scheduled catchweight fight, was the one who carried out the drug test and gave the results.

Although Ukad’s testing standards are followed by the BBBofC, Vada is not an official partner of the organization.

The following was included in a statement from the Board: “The hearing was held on October 21 of that year 2022. Mr. Conor Benn voluntarily gave up his license with the BBBofC in the morning of the hearing that was scheduled for that day.

“Following the hearing, in which Mr. Conor Benn was legally represented, the Board made its decision about the claims in accordance with the norms and procedures it had previously established.

“Mr. Conor Benn was found to be guilty of the misbehavior that was alleged against him.”

Conor Benn, who is 26 years old, faces the possibility of being banned from competition for a period ranging from two to four years if he is found guilty of violating an anti-doping rule.

Conor Benn’s B sample will also be analyzed, and if that one comes back positive for clomifene as well, he will have the opportunity to provide any pertinent information that could help explain how the substance got into his system. If the B sample does not come back positive for clomifene, Conor Benn will not have the opportunity to provide any such information. That might make any punishment less severe.

Clomifene is a substance that can be used to increase a man’s testosterone levels; however, the World Anti-Doping Agency prohibits its usage both within and outside of competitive settings (Wada).

It had been planned for Conor Benn and Eubank to square up in the ring at a catchweight of 157 pounds, exactly 30 years after their respective dads, Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank Sr, had boxed.

A few days before the fight, the BBBofC issued a statement declaring that the bout was “prohibited and not in the interests of boxing.” The fight was postponed the day after the statement was issued.

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