OKBET XPRESS | Dalton Smith’s Goals Include Josh Taylor, Jack Catterall, And A Place In History

On November 12, live on Sky Sports, British champion Dalton Smith will face a crucial test of his aspirations to join Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall at the pinnacle of their weight class. Kaisee Benjamin will provide a crucial test of those ambitions. Josh Taylor will also give his opinion on Smith’s potential.

Dalton Smith, the reigning champion of Great Britain, has every intention of joining Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall atop the super-lightweight division.

However, his aspirations are contingent on his successful defense of his title against Kaisee Benjamin in the Manchester Arena on November 12, which will be broadcast live on Sky Sports.

“There are a lot of fights available for me to take, even though I’m probably competing in one of the toughest classes. I always find myself in interesting confrontations. I’m going to have plenty of people to dance with at all times. The horizon is filled with hope. There are certainly significant conflicts taking place currently “Dalton Smith remarked.

In the championship match that will take place in one month, he anticipates that Benjamin will be hostile and will want to put him under pressure.

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Dalton Smith

“That is going to play right into my hands. Dalton Smith told Sky Sports that he is at his best when fighting pressure opponents who come forward. “That’s when you see me at my best,” Dalton Smith said.

“He is a fantastic fighter, and at this point in his career as a professional, he has a lot of experience. But there’s nothing about him that I haven’t encountered before. Obviously, I have respect for him, and I have to be 100 percent confident before going in there, but I get the impression that no matter what Kaisee attempts to do, I will be able to respond to it.

“He has a lot of potential in the ring. I observed him while he was a member of the Great Britain squad a few years ago, and I’ve continued to keep an eye on him since then. He is an extremely skilled combatant, and he is well-versed in all of the techniques. “He moves pretty well, so I’m fairly keen to watch how he improves,” Taylor said to Sky Sports. “He obviously moves really well.”

“He is moving his career ahead nicely and at the appropriate speed, and he is doing everything right. So far, everything in his career has gone off without a hitch. I can’t wait to watch him progress, both in terms of his development and his progression through the levels.

“There’s no denying the talent he possesses, not to mention the movements. At this early stage in his career, it is difficult to tell, but I believe he can and he has the talent to become a world champion, 100 percent. “

The feeling of adoration is two-way. “Even though he weighs the same, they were both idols to me while I was coming through. I have never wavered from my opinion that Josh is, pound for pound, one of the very finest fighters in the world. Both Catterall and Josh have a lot of admirers in me. According to Dalton Smith, “they are the best in the game, they are where I want to get to, and they are the fighters I look up to.”

“They believe that you should keep putting in hard work until your heroes become your competitors. Indeed, that is the case. When I get remarks like that, it shows that people are paying attention to me and that I’m impressing them. Josh is one of the finest fighters in the world, pound for pound, and it proves that.”

Dalton Smith is rooting for a rematch between Taylor and Catterall to put an end to the feud that has been brewing since the champion’s controversial victory by split decision back in February.

But despite the fact that he has respect for each of them, those are the competitors he is ultimately focused on. Dalton Smith is convinced that he can compete in that class because he has also sparred with Catterall.

“I’m working my way up to those levels, but sparring is always different,” I told him. “On fight night, no one is as good as they are in their sparring,” he remarked. “Sparring isn’t a good indicator of how well you’ll do in a real fight because the two are so different.”

“It’s weird, but based on the sparring I’ve had, I’m pretty certain that I’m definitely up to that level,” he said. “[T]he competition is clearly at that level.”

His goals include not just being a world champion in the future but also taking up the mantle that Taylor once had as a unified champion.

“It’s the stuff of every boxer’s dreams. You have the ambition to win world titles. Few fighters ever reach the level of unquestioned supremacy. Few combatants are genuinely capable of carrying it out. “To be able to do that, that immediately places you in the annals of history,” he remarked.

“You will go down as one of the greatest fighters in the annals of history for all time,” they said.

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