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Following the conclusion of episode six, “ONE Warrior Series PH” is now down to its last eight competitors, having begun with 16 of the most promising fighters in the country.

McLeary Ornido, a member of Team Gravity, was the competitor who was eliminated.

At this point, the only contestants still competing on the show are Norman Agcopra, Jun Montilla, JM Guntayon, LA Lauron, Adonis Sevilleno, Genil Francisco, Sheraz Qureshi, and Ariel Lee Lampacan.

ONE Warrior Series PH saw Team Gravity’s Laurio become the first fighter to withdraw from the competition.

Coach Mark Sangiao also made the announcement that Team Gravity and Team Passion will be combining their efforts moving forward and will no longer exist as separate entities. Instead, they will operate as a single team.

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one warrior series ph

Joshua Pacio, the trainer for Team Passion, remarked that the situation “really is amazing, truly exciting.” “What excites me is that we’ll see from these guys how they’ll use what we’ve learned and how they’ve learnt it from us,” the speaker said.

McLeary Ornido cannot handle the competition posed by Jun Montilla.

The clash between Philippine Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion Jun Montilla and the show’s youngest contestant, McLeary Ornido, who is only 18 years old, was one of the most eagerly anticipated matchups of the Circle Elimination portion of the episode.

ONE Warrior Series PH will open possibilities for local mixed martial arts athletes, according to the coach of Team Lakay.

The teenager shown maturity by accepting the challenge front on and was aware that a successful showing in Montilla versus a veteran MMA fighter would be beneficial to his career moving forward.

He did precisely that, taking the battle to Montilla, but the representative of Team Passion was unfazed as he attempted a takedown, worked from the top position, grabbed the kimura, and forced the submission from the younger Ornido.

The defeat led to Ornido’s elimination from the competition; however, Sangiao is positive that the fans have not seen the last of him yet. Even more surprisingly, the low-key trainer extended an offer to work with Team Lakay.

“There is a lot of potential in you. You have a very explosive personality. After the match, Sangiao said to Ornido, “After watching you in practice, I can see your explosiveness, your speed, and your fire, and I admire your mindset.”

Having said that, you are free to work out at the gym whenever it is convenient for you.

LA Lauron is unable to continue competing due to an injury.

The true drama that takes place behind the scenes of the reality show ONE Warrior Series PH, as seen through the eyes of the coaches

Even though Lauron had made it into the top eight, he was nonetheless sent home at the end of the show.

While he waited for the doctor’s okay, Lauron was unable to practice, take part in the warrior challenge, or participate in the Circle Elimination sparring since his right hand was giving him trouble.

It was unfortunate for him that he was not granted the okay, and he was instructed to rest his right hand, which resulted in him being eliminated from the competition at the end of the performance.

However, despite seeing potential in Lauron over the course of the past six weeks, Sangiao did not close the door on the possibility of him working with Team Lakay.

“It would be a shame to lose Los Angeles. “He possesses all of these excellent attributes,” Sangiao explained.

“He is a brave fighter. No matter what, he puts in a lot of work in the gym. He is also quite technically sound, however there are several areas in which we might use more development.

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