Practice Plan Week # 1…

6:00-6:15 Check in, Introductions, PRAYER expectations (Coach de Varona, Scozzafave, Rabideau)

Don’t Get Hurt, Have fun, Learn teamwork and Football LISTEN, HUSTLE, Be Prepared

6:15-6:25 Intro to tackle football-

Rules: Listen when your coach is talking, hustle, be a good teammate

Failure to abide by rules has consequences, bear crawls, pushups, running laps etc.

  • Former players
    • Offense vs Defense (advantages, disadvantages of each)
      • Line of Scrimmage- what is it?
    • Line vs Backfield- positions
    • Weight limits –Weigh in date soon.
    • Positions will be determined based on skill (speed, ball handling ability, knowing the play & your responsibilities) & how well you listen at practice
      • You will be put where you can help the TEAM the most
      • Missing practice(s) means we won’t know where to put you (except bench)
  • We will be following Varsity Playbook (for the most part)
    • No Pads for 2 weeks (conditioning)
    • Limited contact once games begin
      • Proper form tackling (“Head’s up”)
      • No Bull in the ring or Oklahoma style drills
    • Payback- what you do to others WILL happen to you (Blocking, Tackling, etc.)
    • Calisthenics overview

6:25-6:35 Team Run then Line Up- Calisthenics- Quads, Hamstring stretches, Jumping Jacks, Push ups

Talk to parents, email, text, contact info Parent meeting on Monday (15th)

Games begin Sept 10th weekend, all games on Saturday or Sunday, see website for Schedule

Filming, chain gang, announcing at games etc.

Nutrition, Hydration, and physical activity

Water only on new field, sports drinks forbidden

Water Break

6:35-6:50 Chalk Talk :

Stances 2, 3, 4, point


Position(s) & duties (Offense)

Unless you have the ball-Block Someone EVERY PLAY

BLOCKING drill Use your OPEN hands to push the opponent AWAY from the play

Drive/Run Blocking Drill (match up by size) one on one- 1 side Off 1 side Def, push for 5 yards


  • Knees UP – Break Down on whistle (10)
  • Knees UP – Pop Ups on whistle (10)
  • 20 Yard Sprints  with Ball as Start
  • Bear Crawls  
  • Water Break
  • Team Run (2 teams) Leader sets pace, last man comes to front.
  • Water Break

6:50-7:15 DEF- Center-QB RB exchanges (Everyone) who can snap, catch snaps


7:15-7:25 40 yard sprint, 30 yard jog, 50 yard walk * 4 or Bleachers!!

Water Break


7:45-8:00 Team Run-


8:00-8:05 De brief… what did you learn today? Coaches meeting


Day 2-

Football Stances, Formations , passing tree; Huddles; position reviews, Pass Blocking Drills

Def ,C , QB, WR exchange (All)


Day 3

Stance, Formations, Passing Tree, Run Blocking, Pass Blocking, Running Passing Tree Routes, following blocks

Blocking angles

Def, C, QB, WR/RB exchanges


Day 4

Defensive Positions, Formations, Form Tackling from knees, Shoulder to hip, Wrap knees, squeeze, Roll

Special Teams Try outs Pursuit drills




Upcoming Schedule:

Monday 8-22-16 to Thursday 8-25-16 Practices 6:00-8:00 pm

Monday 8/29 No Practice

Tuesday 8/30/16 Game A Rama Grand Ledge Marsh Field (During Game-A-Rama each football team will play a series of four scrimmages.  Each team during the scrimmage will receive 12 minutes on offense and 12 minutes on defense.   After the time limit, one team will rotate to the next station and they will start another scrimmage.)

Wednesday 8/31/16 Light Practice Review and Feedback on Game a Rama scrimmages

Thursday 9-1-16- No Practice 7:00 pm LCHS Varsity Football game @ Lansing Everett

News & Reminders

Registration Ends 11/1/201, Register now to secure your spot mane 2016 season!

Games may be called or delayed if there’s lightning. Read the lightning policy here.

First Day of practice is September 12th,2016.

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